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What is a Set up?

I recommend doing a guitar/bass set up starting with a fret leveling and a nut recut. This assure you and me that I  am starting work on an instrument that has level frets and that the string at the nut is the correct height.  A lot of guitars come out of the factory with uneven fret and action too high at the first position. This set up is highly recommended but not always required. Then I start on intonation. Intonation is adjusting the guitar to play correctly and in tune up and down the neck. This consists of adjusting the truss rod inside the neck. The truss rod allows the technician to adjust any back or forward bow. Adjusting of the action of the strings which means the height from the fretboard to the strings.

Setting the proper radius of the saddles to match the radius of your fretboard.

Setting the intonation. With intonation, I'm going to over simplify  this explanation.

All strings have a specific scale length (the length between the nut and the saddle). The distance from the 12th fret to the saddle on the high E (treble) string is a different distance than from the 12th fret to the saddle on the low E (bass). Then you throw in the fact that the string is being fretted, that too is changing the length of the string, yet another variable.

All strings will therefore be compensated differently due to the thickness of each string.

Anyway, back to the set up, your guitar will be restrung, electronic spray cleaned. Tuners oiled and tightened if applicable.