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Why do I need one?

Most guitars are effected by the weather (humidity, hot and cold temperatures, age, abuse and changing string gauge and/or specific tuning. The weather will always effect wooden stringed instruments. Humidity or the lack of humidity will expand or contract tops, backs, fretboards and necks. All woods "breathe" and "flex" due to its moisture content. That's is why it is very important to humidify you guitar during the winter, especially if you own a high end, single-ply top acoustic guitar. Weather is more forgiving to electric guitars than acoustics. A lot of mass produced acoustics guitars manufactured today may take several years for the wood to settle and then stabilize (sometimes for the  better, sometimes for worse).

I get a lot of calls from players that say their guitars, after restringing, does not play the way it use to. Especially if the guitar has a floating bridge (Floyd rose). The main reason is because they've changed string gauge . Going from lighter or to heavier strings will change the tension on the neck. Lighter strings will allow the neck to pull back due to the lack of tension. As heavier strings will pull back on the neck due to additional tension on the neck. The  same is true with the guitars tuning. A guitar set up with 10's and standard tuning will not play properly if you put a set of 9's and detune a full step down. The guitar should be set up with the correct gauge and the tuning that suits your playing.